Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hello Again!

Well, I am no money-making blogger for sure.  It has been fun keeping this little place up and semi-live but glad that it doesn't require much tending.  As a 50-Something that just isn't my #1 priority.  It is more interesting (and often taxing) just living day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year.  Now that I'm no longer working full time I don't need to create  Bentos for my work food so that has fallen to the wayside.
Ps...this is not a current project but a photo finally taken of a quilt I completed a few years ago.  So glad to get it documented!

And being ten years out from conversion to Gastric Bypass surgery my diet has changed a lot and posting lo-cal recipes has fallen to the wayside too.  :(  And sadly a lot of my old (bad) eating/coping w/food habits have returned along with extra weight.  I'm still not at my Pre-surgery weight but definitely need to get some of this regain OFF!  I can definitely say it was a great decision to have the conversion surgery. And the RNY is all in place and ready to work with me whenever I take the time and effort to work with it.  This many years post-op my small-intestine villi (is that the right word?) are doing their utmost best to absorb all my bad calories and store them as fat.  So what I need to do is to get back on track and follow the 'Pound of Cure' diet and get rid of those fat stores.  I highly recommend that diet for anybody and everybody needing to lose weight.  Google comes from a weight loss surgeon and makes So. Much. Sense!  Not the easiest food plan to follow in the beginning but if you stick with it you'll see results.  I followed it last year and lost 30#.  But then I slacked off and got a lot of them back.  Below is a delicious breakfast of turkey breakfast sausage and sauteed zucchini,  If it contains zucchini, I am very happy to eat it especially for breakfast!

Now that I'm pretty much not working (I don't know if a 6-hr a week job as a vendor counts?) I have more time for  Grand-Mothering, sewing, crafting, web-browsing and of course gardening in season.  It has been crazy fun to learn more about canning and dehydrating.  So cool to have a ready supply of my own home-grown organic food!  And very soon I will be able to add low-acid foods like green beans and legumes to the pantry when my pressure canner arrives and I begin to learn that skill too.

And I've even also started an Instagram account:  Molly's Instagram  (it is private so just message me for a follow request) and I even have a Twitter account though it only sees slightly more activity than this poor little blog  Molly's Twitter

This is some of the 2016 Garlic Scape harvest.  I am so glad to have bought my #MusicGarlic bulbs from  They have the best quality and such superior customer service for those of us here in the Pacific Northwest....even if some of us are not in the maritime climate!

If you have not fallen onto your keyboard/phone fast asleep I'll say goodbye for now and hope to have another update before the year is over.  Sorry that I have no photos to add (even of the incredibly adorable grandchildren...they are on my phone and I have no idea where the cable is to attach to the laptop to be able to download them!!)


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Linda Brits said...

Thank you for your positive feedback on some of my blog posts, I am so glad I discovered you.

What a beautiful quilt, I have never made one, but I love them.

I have not heard about the Pound of Cure diet, but I will look into it.
What a lovely photo of you vegetables, I'm getting great ideas here.
Zucchini for breakfast, who knew?

Linda a.k.a.