Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sugar Free Instant Cocoa Mix

For my gastric bypass peeps!

Nestle used to sell (at least at the Military Commissary) a sugar free/reduced calorie hot cocoa mix in a very convenient canister.  Maybe they still do somewhere but no longer at the commissary.  So I bought the packets instead but when a chocolate craving hits, those 35 calorie cups of bliss make a good safety net and I can burn through a box pretty fast.  Time to make a replacement.

A quick Google Search turned up the recipe I used to make for my kids back in the day using powdered milk and Nesquik powder.  So with some alterations, I made my own sugar free version!  Here's a link to the recipe I used for a starting point: One Good Thing By Jillee Hot Cocoa Mix

Mine won't suit everybody--if you hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, move along.  This just came out to a very close and satisfying batch for me so I'm happy to share it with you.  I can't tell you if this will be the same 35 calorie serving but it doesn't make me dump so it can't be that high in sugar alcohols or fats from the powdered creamer.  And if this keeps me from going out and buying Hershey Kisses, that's just fine.

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Sugar Free Instant Cocoa Mix

1- 16 oz container Sugar Free Nesquik
4 cups Carnation instant dry milk
1 1/2 canisters (10.2 oz) Nestle sugar free Creamy Chocolate Coffee Mate
2 cups Splenda for baking
1 cup Nestle cocoa powder (the kind for baking)
Sugar Free Peeps (optional)

In a very large bowl or pan, combine all ingredients and slowly whisk together to remove any lumps.  Store in an airtight container.  For a mug of cocoa add 2- 1/8 cup scoops into a mug, add boiling water and stir.  For optional fun float a sugar free Peep and enjoy the frothy goodness while the Peep enjoys the chocolate hot tub.

PS--If you can find other brands of the same type products go ahead and substitute (and if they're cheaper tell me about it too!) but otherwise you may not have a very tasty product.  And of course if you like a different sweetener or none at all that's your business.  A wicked sweet tooth got me to where I was needing gastric bypass surgery and the doctor didn't fix that so I still have to watch out for lower calorie ways to keep THAT beast under control.