Sunday, April 6, 2014


Wow, how life turns on a dime.

A few months ago I was home recuperating from shoulder surgery.  Fast-forward to being back at work, not healing as well as I'd hoped and facing a second surgery.  Ok.  Sprinkle in a little extra stress because my job is retail-based and the economy is tanking these days.  Fair enough...just roll with the changes.  Extra duties, different hours and new stresses.  That would be manageable if not for Mother. Flippin'. Nature.  She decided that now, right now, of all times is when to hit me with MENOPAUSE.  dun-dun-dun......

No easing into it, just full on.  Night sweats (every half hour), hot flashes (ditto), mood swings, anxiety like nobody's business.

Just about every room I occupy now has a fan.  I've donated bags and bags of sweaters and 'hot' clothing and live in things that can be stripped off as fast as possible.  With the exception of my work uniform which is mind-blowingly hot polyester.  The man who coined the phrase 'performance fabric' to give polyester a better image should burn in hell.  Or at least be forced to wear it as punishment against humanity.

Yup this is all-out whining.  Far better women than I have breezed through menopause so it ain't gonna kill me but I sure do complain about it a lot now.

 My poor husband.

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