Saturday, August 25, 2012

More like Grandma's Kind of Day

No pictures, just a few notes so I won't forget.  Mom has several of Grandma's diaries and they are shaming for a modern woman to read.  She usually accomplished more in a day than most of us get done in a week and entertained family and friends all along the week too.  Some of her entries pretty much just chronicled days spent in the kitchen baking or canning.  She produced huge quantities of food and I well remember the smells and sights of her basement pantry with it's walls lined with home canned foods.  It must have been absolutely ideal storage except for the stairs which were no doubt painful due to her phlebitis.  We grandkids usually didn't mind running downstairs for her, it gave a chance to sneak peeks into the very interesting storage rooms there too!  One room had a working cast-iron stove and lawn furniture. (?) One had boxes and boxes of Grandma's old hats.  One was the 'guest' room and had boxes of dishes and old clothes.  Seems there were neat treasures everywhere you looked but like a typical basement to a kid it was also at times a bit dark and scary. track as normal.  Anyway here goes with a list of what I accomplished today:

Prepped four batches of cookie dough balls to freeze to use for Christmas cookie swaps.  Easy-peasy stuff with cake mixes but- still!  Each batch made 3-4 dozen cookies.  Puts me way ahead of the normal December work load.

 Baked, prettied and froze a batch of gluten free treats for a family member's Christmas gift.  No peeking!

 Cooked and canned a batch of pizza sauce from our home-grown Roma tomatoes.  Each one has a little Apache chili pepper on top so it should be zesty!  Made 6 quarts.

Baked a batch of gluten free, sugar free zucchini mini cakes (4) and have them wrapped to freeze.

Prepped and processsed the last of this year's garlic harvest.  The Vita-Mix made easy work of it and I used the leftover garlic water in the batch of pizza sauce.  Came out to 18- 1/8 cup portions.

Now to finish up kitchen cleanup and get to bed.  I will want to remember getting this much done.  They say the memory is the 2nd thing to go in middle age, I can't remember what the first one was.  ;)


Chrislyn Lane said...

Hi Molly, Thanks for stopping by my blog (Holland Blossom)...I hope you have success with the pectin and enjoy the jam! Next year I want to try the vanilla paste in my raspberry jam. I just went to my farm stand yesterday and they got their last shipment of peaches..hope you are able to find some! I would love to know how your jam turns out!

Lynn said...

Hey Molly,
Well this day you describe was definitely a Grandma kind of day! How fun that you have some written memories of your grandma's to enjoy. I love hearing about what women of old did/how they lived. So different from how we live now! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday!