Monday, April 4, 2011

More Wedding Work

Here are some photos of a little that has been accomplished already. With my sister, Amy's, help we made about 180 (if my count is correct) of these organza flower pins as gifts for guests at the wedding. They will be attached to the flatware/napkin bundles we'll put together and be placed at each setting to also decorate the table. The tutorial I used was from White Flower Farm and so helpful!

Mine came out different (of course, anything handcrafted will be unique) and each one is different from the next. Half of them are orange (not pictured, sorry) and half are these cranberry/reddish blends. I think the tables will be so pretty! Hopefully everybody will notice that these are pins and not throw them away with their napkins. ::eek::

Also I'll post a picture of the prototype of the silk pomander balls that I'll be making to hang from a ribbon to line the wedding aisle and then be placed atop vases to use for centerpieces. Again, half of them will be orange and half will be cranberry-colored. (Do you see the wedding photo behind the Pom? That is my Grandma and Granddad Noyes on their wedding day!)

The scheduled DIY's for this month are all silk-flower related so it is time to get busy!