Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"How's the wedding planning going?"

Recently a bride asked how other brides respond to that question on a popular wedding-related website. (Not that I read those often or anything, mind you.) The answers ranged from being irritated at being asked, being open, being politely brief and non-committal. As the Mother of the Bride I find myself getting asked that a lot too. So I thought I'd post my to-do list here along with the things that are done. (Highlighted in green.) Undoubtedly there will be more to add later...things like sewing a cover-up jacket and also a shawl for my dress. (weather contingencies) Who knows what else but for now: here's how the wedding planning is going. And this is just *my* to-do list...doesn't include all the things Elizabeth, Eric and his family are doing too.

Also, I'm going to try to upload a copy of the idea board we made from wonderful wedding photos on the internet.

August edit: I have tried and tried to go back to the text here and turn all the finished project listings green but it won't let me. So you have to take my word that except for the photo wall, assembling the napkin bundles and the banners things are right along schedule. It is crunch time now and hopefully all of that will get done in the next 20 or so days. There is a LOT of work ahead!

Molly’s Wedding To-Do Timeline


Make timeline for to-do lists


Make organza flowers (Thank you Amy for sewing the beads!)


Sew Table Runners

Order Dinner Napkins

Hem wedding dress/ arrange for bustle (bet this is not going to happen this month)

Make tissues of joy packets

Make table number signs


Construct Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

Construct Silk Boutonnières (no longer a project...they will be fresh purchased by Eric's mom)

Begin Pom Balls (16)


Plant Catering Garden (basil, tomato, zucchini)

Plant marigolds for aisle bumpers

Construct Photo Booth wall (started)

Enlarge top on alter podium, paint white

Paint Couple Facts picture frames

Paint Candy Bar/buffet frames


Bake cookies and freeze

Assemble napkin/flatware bundles (started)

Begin buying fresh candy (create list for labels)

Sew Bridesmaid’s Swag Bags---oops, hope they don't read this



Table centerpieces for cake table, welcome table, buffet

Buy Sparklers (Elizabeth and Eric did this)


Create ribbon streamers for pavilion

Papel Picado banners for pavilion

Bunting Banners


Buy food at Costco (beverages, Eric's family is having catering done by Trezzi that not extremely generous?!)

Finalize food team plans and create lists

Finalize décor team plans and create lists

Prep, pack, label boxes and instructions for transport to venue (started)

Assemble emergency kits (garments, bathrooms, décor installation) (started)


Begin selling wedding items

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