Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Santa Hat Factory!

This has been a grueling season in the retail world so far and not the best Christmas ever. However...that is only work. The rest of life has been so blessed lately. Meetings with old friends and new ones, having both of my kids at home after such a long time (even if they are too old for calling kids now and are rarely physically here at the same time...still!) enjoying our cozy little home during the recent bad storms. And: CRAFTING!

The last few weeks I've actually been busting out the crafting and really, really enjoying it. Seems like forevah since I've done a big project that was silly and not for a designated purpose. (Ahem, like the organza flowers....) I'll get a few pictures posted so you and I can both see just how many little goodies have been made so far. (last count was 36) If I were really organized I pop up a tutorial but honestly...that isn't gonna happen. I could list a few instructions and if anybody is interested they can figure it out pretty easily.

The fabric is a mid-weight poly satin from JoAnn's with a sparkle to it. I used a plain old cheapie wall clock for my template because a dinner plate was too big and a salad plate was too small. ::shrug:: Trace around the circle, cut out the fabric and then cut it into 4 quarters. Bring the cut edges together and stitch on that edge. Turn it inside out and you have the basis of your Santa hat!

From there I hot glued on a white pom-pom ball and then either hot glued on Mirabeau feather trim or stitched on a white shiny velour or fur cuff for the 'brim'. After that I had fun applying a variety of different trims and then glued on a barrette bottom to the underside. Have to say that I was inspired by a talented Etsy seller and loved her concept and pictures. A quick trip through the glue setter /aka freezer, and the things are all humming along.

So many projects! The big floral R still has to have some smaller flowers applied to the inside to finish it off but it was fun giving it to Eric and Elizabeth this Christmas. I hope it will be a fond reminder of their wedding for a few more years.
Some of the ones I made were really traditional, some country-styled, some very rock n' roll. It has been fun allowing myself this play time and probably very good practice to rev up my DIY skills before the really BIG crafting begins after the bridal show in January. (I'm on mother-of-the-bride DIY vacation right now.)

It is gonna be baby girl's last Christmas at home with us and I hope it will be a fun one for her. Next year is going to be such a different Christmas but I'm really looking forward to the changes!

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