Saturday, October 9, 2010


That is the word of the day kids. 'Wistful'. After yet another night of not sleeping (thats been my life the last five or more years) straight through and waking tired I decided too many things had to get done to drag my tail. So, after grumping around and then getting the coffee in I was able to get going. And with an updated 'autumn' playlist on my Zune and headphones I stayed busy all day long.

After making a huge batch of pie crusts (22!) I got busy making unbaked pies for the coming year. Last summer I did that and had enough for one pie a month...a reasonable amount of treats and so lovely to know they were on hand. So at the end of the day now there are 8 pies tucked safely in the freezer plus a bundt cake. All are sugar free too! There is an apple/blackcurrant, an apple/plum, two apple streusel topped pies, a rhubarb/blueberry, rhubarb/raspberry, rhubarb/blueberry/raspberry and also a special sweet potato pie to be saved for Thanksgiving. If I still have enough energy tomorrow I'll bake some sugar pie pumpkins and get some of those in the freezer too.

But doing all this stockpiling and prepping while listening to autumn-y themed music gave me a lot of time for reflection and it occured to me that the whole theme of the day was wistful. Happy that summer is over finally because it was just so stressful but ready for the drawing-in that everything around in nature is doing right now. It has taken awhile to welcome autumn into my heart this year but it suddenly feels right and comfortable. Maybe this time of withdrawing and storing up energy for regrowth next spring is just what I need.

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Miss Gracie's House said...

Hi Molly....such sweet words you left for me...they made my day!
the font is Romantique...she found it on dafonts... i think...HTH