Friday, October 8, 2010

Beeezy, Beeezy!

After getting mildly harrassed for not updating my sad little blog (that's right, Sally, I am talking about you!) I will fling a few photos up here to show what has been keeping me busy the last few months. Pretty much the whole summer was consumed with getting the guest room turned back into a habitable space for our daughter who came home from college. That was from-the-studs-up reno and also included furniture rehab and construction. She's moved in now but still awaiting her custom daybed to be finished. Well, Mom is a bit slow when there are sooooo many things to do in a day that starts around 3 a.m. and ends around 6 p.m. (or should, anyway). The room isn't finished-finished...still needs the closet door and all the drapes and daybed linens sewn. I need a clone.
What's going on this fall: trying to get caught up on the totally-neglected garden and get it ready for winter. Dressing the house for autumn and continuing to try to get it back to some sense of order (I will NOT post pics of how bad it was over the summer while we had dear daughter's household contents crammed into the living room and dining room!) and creating what seems like thousands of organza flowers for an event coming up next September to be held at Highland Gardens in Deer Park. Until the gag order is lifted, I can't say more than that. ;) Here is a link to the flower is sooo simple but is going to take a full year to make tons of them.

So, since Blogger posts photos in a backwards way, I'll just upload as I go and figure out how in the heck to explain them if they need it.

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