Friday, July 9, 2010

Good News and Less Good News

For those who know the family saga lately....the latest state of sewer affairs has led us to believe we can postpone the $$$$$ yard excavation. A new (better!) rootering company has us believing that they can control our towering Sequoia's roots and the sewer line isn't in imminent danger. Ok, that's great.

We still have to have major electrical work done on the house...a contractor has been called for that. Phone lines need work. Well, we'll see about that. The back patio a la Ma and Pa Kettle has got to go. Don't know if that will happen this summer or not. Hmm...

Seems like we'll be having a temporary lodger so the guest room needs to be drywalled as soon as the electrical repairs are completed. Wow, will it be totally cool to have that room get completed!!! I have even purchased fabric and have it all mapped out in my head...a black/cream toile room. Oooh, la-la!

That's a lot of good news. Also a lot of projects. And I was pleased (ok, this is weird) that my recent bloodwork came back with bad results. Sort of gives me the 'right' to feel so exhausted all the time and not to blame it on being a crybaby from lots of stress. 'Cause frankly, my family must be totally sick and tired of me complaining all the time about this problem or that and the woe-is-me attitude about how tired I am all the time. While I am normally a really efficient complainer, I am also normally a very cheerful person around everybody else and it really isn't like me to be glum. Working on that too. Now that we don't have the massive expense of the sewer dig-up ahead I am going to follow through on a good lead for a therapist and pay someone to hear me whine. LOL! I can bore someone else for a fee!!!

So the re-habbing junk projects are a bit on hold till I get some energy back but my sweet shopping cart is sitting on the patio all sorted and waiting for me to return with a sander and a can or ten of spray paint to get creative again.
Till then I'll grab our new kittie Max and go have a nap.