Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

It has taken me too long to get this photo uploaded but my dearly
missed sofa returned home from the upholsterer a few weeks ago. Seems he had a lot of trouble working with this fabric...maybe that is why someone else sold it at the Thrift Store? (hahaha) Well, their loss was my gain and now the pretty blue suede sofa is in the living room terrifying my family. Nobody sits on it because some shrewish woman keeps yelling at them to get off of it (usually because they always have food in their hands at the same time!) Maybe I should just purposely spill something on it myself and get it over with already. Uh, no. Not gonna happen.
Also totally loving the assortment of pillows...some of which are hand-me-downs from my boss and are absolute MATCHES for my fav colors and style. Now if I could just get the other yards and yards of fabrics purchased expressly to make other pillows sewn, my sofa would have it's very own wardrobe of pillows to change out weekly or maybe daily...

Buh-bye cutie! (Please disregard all the creative clutter, er--mess, in the know how messy creative types are).
It is so much fun reading other people's blogs and gleaning fun ideas for crafts. When so many people posted about cake platters and cupcake stands it just got me wanting to make one in the worst way. So, a cheese tray, candle plate, wooden plate, two candlesticks and a lazy susan later I made this. Took it to the base Officer's Wives Club Thrift Store today and it sold within an hour. It was so much fun to make and is going to make it's premier appearance at someone's tea party hosting goodies. Be happy, little one.


Gretchen said...

Beautiful, beautiful job!!!! Your couch is gorgeous too! Have you thought about getting a few of those cans of pre-treater for suede shoes to protect it?

Molly said...

Have you used that stuff before? I was wondering about it myself but afraid that it'd maybe change the color. I have extra fabric, it would probably be smart to just try it on that. Dur...

Gretchen said...

I bought a pair of buff colored suede boots a few years ago and I used the spray and didn't have a problem...if you're worried about it though, I'd try going to a shoe department you trust and ask someone what they'd recommend for light colored suede shoes. Then I spot check it on one of your spare pieces, like you said.

Elyse said...

hi molly!

everything looks lovely! nicely done!

the fabric you like on my blog is by lecien and i had found it at shabby fabrics. here is the main link:

i have a hunch that you will like many of their fabrics. i wish i could remember the name. i should know it! it's my fave!

happy blogging and creating!


Elyse said...

hi again!

so happy that you found the fabric. it's sooo pretty. i like to use the reverse because it makes it look all faded. you'll have to blog about what you make!

happy memorial day weekend