Saturday, April 24, 2010

Praise Report

Thursday morning God was holding me right in the palm of His hand (well, I guess He does every day right?) while I was driving to work on Highway 2 at 55 mph. Every morning my commute is in the dark so watching for animals is a constant. A deer began to cross the highway and headed right for me. It happened so fast but seems to replay over and over in my head so slowly. As soon as I saw her (either a really big doe or a buck who had lost his antlers for the spring) I began braking so we impacted at prob. at least 45 mph and you can see the damage done to my car. Amazingly, there really isn't much more than cosmetic damage and the front end being a teensy bit crumpled.
It is a 1989 Volvo station wagon and though the deer did bounce up on the hood (her head and shoulders) she didn't come up through the windshield. My seat belt locks must have engaged because I never even hit the steering wheel and walked away with only a very minor case of whiplash. The thought that if it was a doe she may have left behind babies worries me but maybe she was still carrying them. (still awful) When I left work early to begin to attend to car repair, insurance, etc. the authorities had already removed the deer so I wasn't able to see it in daylight.

Very sadly, the deer did not survive the impact. She was dead when she hit the side of the road and blessedly did not land where she'd endanger other drivers. How wonderful to have a cell phone and be able to call my husband right away so he was able to help me try to calm down. And I managed to retrieve my car parts from the highway and then continue on to work carefully. This is the first time I've ever hit anything (when I do a thing I do it BIG!) and the shock-y aftereffects were weird. It was very good being at work right away so my co-workers and tasks could keep my mind occupied. However, the rest of Thursday I was rather a nut and then so loopy from the pain meds for my neck on Friday that I had to call in sick. Ugh, seems like a terrible waste of sick leave!!!

So, if you'd like an endorsement for a good tank-like car to protect you I'd wholeheartedly recommend an older Volvo. You'll spend a small fortune maintaining it as the plastic parts and wiring go bad but that heavy, heavy body and sturdy engine can very potentially save your life. Unfortunately, you can't buy it where I bought mine: Dad's Used Car Emporium and financed through Bank of Dad but if you look around certainly you could find others.

Mr. or Ms. Deer....I'm so terribly sorry.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The way I hope my 'new' sofa looks. Image from And a picture of the fabric that will be used: a Christopher Lowell light blue suede from JoAnn Fabrics;jsessionid=96CA5E393A6CDA7033D4584EB5E824FA.a6p2?CATID=cat2699&PRODID=prd45503.
And a 'before' picture of the old, worn-but-comfy plaid sofa. It has been gone to the upholsterer's since March 3rd and I miss it so much! Sadly, it will be awhile longer since the upholsterer had an unexpected death in his family and it has thrown his schedule out of whack. Well, having seen his work before I know it will be worth the wait but it sure is hard being patient.