Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blogging slacker

That'd be me.

Both digital cameras have great pics on them that just need to be uploaded, edited and then brought over here to share. Latest projects, all the holidays I've missed blogging about and even some fun cooking and baking I've done.

Well, I'll scrounge through the recent files and see what I can find for the meantime:

How about a silly little tablescape I was inspired to make after countless hours wasted reading the wonderful blogs of the many talented tablescaper/bloggers out there. Sigh...oh, to have the pretty dining rooms and energy they all have. This was fun to play with anyway and my husband was sweet not to roll his eyes in front of me. Besides, it keeps us from plopping junk on the table which we'd definitely otherwise do for sure!

Ok, nuff of that. The latest batch of protein bars just beeped and I need to pull them out to cool. If they taste as wonderful as I think they will, I'll post the recipe. Lemon macadamia nut white chocolate. Sounds great, huh?

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