Friday, October 16, 2009

Lovely Autumn

It has been a long time since I've sat down to blog...I'm having too much fun reading other people's blogs! Here it is October 16th already and I am taking another 2 weeks of 'staycation' before things get really hectic at work with the holiday season looming. (retail, you know) I've made a great big calendar and have a big job list and wanna-do list so it will be two weeks well spent instead of frittered away on nothing.

On the schedule....LOTS of sewing, a bunch of baking and freezing, continuing to put the garden to bed and sleeping late! (And hopefully cleaning up the back patio, what a mess!) See the golden hubbard squash that came out of the garden? I cooked one for a test and it was sooooo yummy. Low-carb joy! Here I'd decided not to grow it again next year because of the way it took over the garden but now that has to be reconsidered. The zucchini and peppers were a bit disappointing, but I read in the paper that it was a bad year for those in this area so that is a little less depressing. haha
Hope I'll have pictures of great sewing progress to post soon!