Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid-August already!

Wow, it seems summer has just flown by this year. We had a few cool days last weekend and it already felt like autumn was on the way. Now we are back to more seasonal temps so the eventuality of fall (and winter!) will be easier to forget for awhile. I've been on a 'staycation' since last Thursday and it has been so nice. Was supposed to go to the OH conference in Seattle but we ended up having to have our electrical service panel for the house replaced...$$$. Hours have been cut recently at work so it just made sense to cancel the trip.

It has been fun playing farmgirl-at-home and taking care of some of the harvest from the garden as well as good produce sales here in town. This summer I've made lots and lots of sugar-free (and a few batches of regular) freezer jam, frozen veggies and dehydrated all kinds of things. The pantry is filling up and it feels nice to have a few extras on hand.

I'll post a picture of the last bento I made for work (0% Fage yogurt, blueberries, a few slices of chicken cordon bleu, marinated cumbers and caulitators.) more 8-hour days so my bentos are only breakfast and that is usually the same old thing. Not worth photographing often. Am showing an updated photo of the garden too to show the hubbard squash plants that have to be repeatedly hacked back so they don't take over the entire yard. Here's the post with the garden 'before' shot: And also a photo of the newest apron I finished, this one just for me for doing chores. (it is the red one, the green one underneath is still a WIP.)

Tomorrow, back to work again and happy to have made some progress here at home.

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