Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun at the Farm Chicks Show

Wow...Saturday was really memorable! My sister Amy and I met there and spent most of the day carefully going through each booth oooh'ing and aah'ing the amazing vintage and crafted merchandise. We took a nice leisurely lunch break and enjoyed some watermelon, mozzarella sticks, tortilla rollups and resting our feet! At our table were some really fun ladies and besides enjoying the break they were great to visit with.

It was so much fun seeing booths from vendors we'd seen the previous year and searching through all the treasures they brought. If we were millionaires we'd have purchased like crazy but even though we didn't haul out as much as a lot of folks we had such a great time making our few purchases that it was just as much fun.

I got so caught up in the shopping experience that I totally forgot to look for Serena and Teri to get my book autographed. Oh doesn't make me enjoy the book any less. Hope you get a chance to read it or get your own copy, it is beautifully photographed and a pleasure to read.

Isn't it cute the way they lined up aprons to decorate the front of this table? We almost bought a treat for our Dad but hesitated too long and by the time we saw that booth again they were sold out and closed. Must have been good! Heavens, I wouldn't even want to consider the calories--everything looked really decadent.

Amy and I also meant to stop and have our picture taken in the 'posing' area but didn't get around to it. Although...we enjoyed a particularly incredible baby posing with her grandma. Gotta say that of all the cute babies there, this one was Miss Personality Plus and adorable to boot. A future little Farm Chick in training! I have to just tease you with how cute she is, I didn't ask for permission to publish her photo but you gotta take my word....cutest baby!

We boldly wore our new aprons and were mistaken for vendors several times. Guess we looked a little silly but who cares, we were having a fun girly day and it was worth it. I even wore my apron around town before and after the show. So there! Have to say that before weight loss surgery I'd never have had the courage to be so conspicuous. Another wonderful life change that is a real blessing.

Here is a picture of me with Arlene, a wonderful blogger who graciously stopped to pose with me. What a beautiful booth and do stop by her blog to is a treat.

So hope you enjoyed a few pictures from the show. Wonderful crafting ideas, incredibly beautifully decorated booths and a lot of nostaligic treasures. I lined up all my goodies from the show as well as thrift store will be cool getting to use all these fun things.

4 comments: said...

The weekend was very fun. I enjoyed your post...and meeting you. Thank you. Already know where we will be next year the first weekend in June, huh?

Fiestagal said...

Hi Molly,
Love your new site!!! The music is great!!
Really like the recipes of there.
Your friend from support group,

Simply Stork said...

Hello to Molly,

Hi I'm "simply" and I am having a great time visiting all the bloggers that were at the farm chicks show...I have enjoyed your post on your adventures at the show.

I took so many photos that I made a little mini movie about it...come on by and have a peek when you get a free moment :o)


thefarmchicks said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures from the show!