Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Few Before and Afters

A few before and after photos that are on my mind lately:

Early January this year when we thought winter would never end. Note how high the snow berm is and how the roof of the shed on the right has sagged under the snow weight. This doesn't even show how high the snow had had melted and re-snowed a bit before this. And this morning after a big rainstorm last night. Luckily not all the flower petals were knocked off and everything is green and pretty except the huge blue tarp that will prob. be on the still-unpainted shed all summer. (HONEY!)
My sewing room a few weeks ago (and how it normally looks on any given day, sad to say)...

Still very cluttered but so much better! I can even get a quilt loaded in the big frame now if I can find the motivation. Actually, sewing another apron or Kinchaku bag sounds more appealing today.

Spring '06.....

And this May at weight-loss surgery support group and wearing my Bloomsday Run finisher t-shirt.
So maybe I should exercise instead of sewing *OR* gardening! LOL!

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