Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bento 41--Monday

Amy's comments about my bento looking patriotic got me thinking why not just go with it? And now I see there is a big old smudge on my lense...oops. To start the day and give me more energy after the big weekend was a packet of Emergen-C. Then for breakfast Monday morning was my usual old 0% Fage Greek yogurt...the go-withs are a side of Kashi Go Lean, a big stripe of sugar free strawberry rhubarb jam and fresh blueberries. There ya go...red, white and blue!
For lunch was a salad of home-grown baby spinach, grilled chicken strips,strawberries, craisins, sunflower seeds and tomatoes. I packed along a packet of light balsamic vinagraitte dressing but only used a small portion of it. They put way too much in those! Dessert was a sugar free Snack Pack jello in orange.
No bento today...just some leftovers thrown in my bag. Good thing I didn't take extra time because I had a flat tire on the way to work and using the extra time would have made me much later than it ended up being anyway.
Oh...big naughtiness to report: Because I had to wait at the tire shop to get my tire fixed after work I treated myself to two new magazines. But even worse (or better!) later in the day I again splurged on new books when I had to pick up teens at the mall. "Warm Fuzzies" and "Sewing Green" both by Betz White. Can't wait to read them and start planning projects!

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