Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to work Bento 38

It was a fun, fun, fun two week's vacation from work. Working at my paying job, that is. But I worked very hard in the yard and loved it! After accomplishing a lot in the yard I sewed a new apron and started a second one. The finished one is very Grandma-ish and soooo ME! The bento for today was the five colors but really a lot of red 'cause the strawberries and watermelon are so delicious this time of year. Luckily I wasn't able to eat everything but a lot of that has to do with the huge amount of coffee consumed today plus one tofu/sugar free cake mix cupcake and fruit that my sweet boss made for my birthday. I work with such nice people!

So, what got packed to eat: some cottage cheeese mini pancakes made into sandwiches with fat free cream cheese, strawberries and also a piece of turkey bacon chopped. More strawberries, red (does this count as purple?) grapes and watermelon. For lunch and then afternoon snack a roll-up made of a Soyful Heart tortilla, one piece of ff lunch meat, low fat lunch cheese, more ff cream cheese and some fresh-from-the-garden baby spinach. Tucked in for filler are baby carrots. In the other container was marinated cucumbers with dill. Also a lf cheese stick tucked in for 'just-in-case'.

Short day tomorrow...probably no bento, just a sugar free muffin.

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Fiber Fetish and leopard love said...

WOW-that's one amazing apron!Its really hard to believe its not a real apron form the 40's~. You have a great eye for color!