Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bento 36

Bento made after I got home from spending Mother's Day with my folks and sister helping in their back yard. There was just enough energy left to make sure I had LOTS to eat for Monday at work.

For breakfast: 2 mini cottage cheese waffles, some turkey bacon and a container of sugar free strawberry syrup Some extra berries decorated with Johnny Jump-ups from the yard. (Cute AND edible!)

For lunch and afternoon snack: a hard boiled egg, edamame, cucumbers, baby carrots and 4 mini turkey 'bacon cheeseburger' patties. Those patties were so easy but really salty. Just one package of ground turkey breast meat (one pound), a package of real bacon bits and about 2 cups (bad--didn't measure) shredded cheddar. A little water, black pepper, then mixed well and grilled on my George Foreman quickly till cooked.

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Fiber Fetish and leopard love said...

She is not kidding- we worked her hard.. she did at the very least 15 loads of dirt... thats shoveling 15 times into the wheelbarrow- then 15 times out of the wheelbarrow. Not to mention all the railroad tyes she moved!!