Friday, May 22, 2009

Bento 37

This is a bento from last week that I was too busy to post. Ended up forgetting to take it to work so it was eaten at home. The top pink HK box was 0% Fage yogurt, splenda and a little sugar free strawberry syrup along with some fresh strawberries. Yes, more fresh strawberries....
The ugly brown ploppy thing is a homemade muffin top a la 'vitatops'. Now that I have tasted the real thing mine definitely taste better and are cheaper too! Here is a link to the recipe:

The muffin top was an evening snack and mighty yummy!

The bottom pink HK box was supposed to be lunch and ended up as dinner instead...2 rollups of fat free turkey breast, 2 slices of Alpine Lace provolone, shredded carrots, edamame, a few more strawberries and a little container of fat free ranch dressing.

No bento photos for this week or next (probably) since I am home on vaca and working in the yard. Lots and lots of work getting done and even managing a sunburn on parts that haven't seen sunshine since last year.

Here are pics of some of my hard work. Lots and lots of beets, carrots, zucchini, pumpkins and squash planted in my little garden, I'm sure it will be overflowing and I'll be doing a lot of cooking and baking in the fall with it all. And the weeds in the flowerbeds just never stop! At the bottom is a picture of just an hour's worth of weeds pulled along one stretch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bento 36

Bento made after I got home from spending Mother's Day with my folks and sister helping in their back yard. There was just enough energy left to make sure I had LOTS to eat for Monday at work.

For breakfast: 2 mini cottage cheese waffles, some turkey bacon and a container of sugar free strawberry syrup Some extra berries decorated with Johnny Jump-ups from the yard. (Cute AND edible!)

For lunch and afternoon snack: a hard boiled egg, edamame, cucumbers, baby carrots and 4 mini turkey 'bacon cheeseburger' patties. Those patties were so easy but really salty. Just one package of ground turkey breast meat (one pound), a package of real bacon bits and about 2 cups (bad--didn't measure) shredded cheddar. A little water, black pepper, then mixed well and grilled on my George Foreman quickly till cooked.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching up again...

Why am I always behind these days? Oh, a job that starts at 5 a.m., gardening, sewing, keeping up with the local Rose Society, two surgery support group meetings a month, the usual mom stuff.....
So anyway...these photos are bento 34 and 35. Not as many bentos lately since I've been racing against the clock and not always getting anything pretty made so those don't get photographed.
The top pink box was for a long day at work and was my 2-layer Hello Kitty box with watermelon chunks on bottom and on top an Egg Beaters 'omelette', red pepper strips, 2 homemade turkey sausage links, one mini cottage cheese waffle, a few blueberries and half a low-fat mozz. cheese stick.
The lower pink box was for lunch: marinated matchstick carrots on lettuce with jicama butterflies, edamame filler and 2 mini black-bean bites from the basic bite recipe on Shelly's blog.
The next picture was simply nonfat cottage cheese atop lettuce, watermelon, strawberries and a few skewers of mozz. chunks and red grapes.
With shortened work days I've mostly been taking a mixture of 0% Fage Greek yogurt (1/2 cup), a packet of Splenda, some berries or a teaspoon of sugar-free jam and a small container of cereal to add crunch. Pretty basic and boring but filling and tasty. Just not very photo-worthy after I've already photographed it before.
The beautiful gold spoon is a gift from Sharon in my local support group. The rose on top is soooooo Molly! Thank you, Sharon!!!