Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bento 23...Easter Challenge

Here is my food for the Easter theme challenge on's Bento Buddies group. For breakfast I used a new box that was a generous gift from Sharon in my local support group. It is a baby food dish and very cool! Each of the inner compartments has a lid and the outer compartment has another lid plus a self-storing mini spoon. Love it! The food inside is a shaped barley tulip topped with petals of low fat provolone. It is sitting on top of an Egg Beaters mini omelette that has the leftover provolone chunks melted in as well as taco sauce. There is a bunny pick next to the melons: cantaloupe and honeydew.
For lunch and afternoon snack in the other box (a new Hello Kitty from my boss): four chicken cordon bleu meatballs from the freezer stash, baby carrot sticks and dots, bunny sandwiches made from black rye bread and more of that piece of provolone, curly lettuce for a liner, a hard boiled egg, jicama chicks and cucumber flowers. In the yellow bunny container is fat free ranch dressing to dip the veggies and moisten the little sandwiches. For my 'dessert' I ate one sugar free Peep and it was a huge treat. Happy Easter!

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