Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching Up!

Life has been busy with family, work,gardening, support group and Rose Society. The bento pictures are getting backlogged so I'll get caught up here all at once.

Is this even worth posting? So simple...two containers consisting of strawberries, ham 'croquettes' (not fried!), asparagus and fat free ranch dressing.

For potluck day at work: a plate of no-sugar added PB2 brownie's (they were well received!). Since I'm never sure what will be 'safe' for me to eat I always bring my own food too and did eat it that day. Green box: strawberries and mini protein blueberry muffins. Alongside was a container of 0% Greek Fage yogurt.

Clear box: ham 'croquettes', chopped asparagus, a container of caulitators and cantaloupe.

Bento 28: Laptop Lunchbox system. Didn't eat all this but it was for the whole day. Three homemade oatmeal-raisin protein bars in a baggie, a Luna bar and a Starbuck's Light Frap.

Pink box: three mini cottage cheese pancakes, sugar free maple syrup, a mini ham and asparagus quiche bite.

Orange box: a Greek yogurt/ fat free cottage cheese mixture topped with blueberries.

Blue box: a turkey patty, barley heart, carrot slices, asparagus.

Green box: hard boiled egg with carrot dogs, edamame. Alongside a sugar free candy for 'dessert' and roasted pea crisps mixed with some almonds underneath.

Somehow I thought I was going to eat all this????

A much better amount of food for the day. Top box: 0% Greek Fage yogurt and strawberry slices, a few orange sections, one mini cottage cheese waffle and a few homemade turkey sausage links. A container of sugar free maple syrup too of course.

Bottom box: Yakitori chicken chunks and corn, marinated cucumber chunks, a barley tulip and strawberries. Some romaine lettuce leaves for dividers.

A lunch box: grilled cauliflower, carrot stars, edamame, marinated cucumbers and a serving of a low-cal tamale casserole. Grilling the cauliflower was an experiment that didn't turn out made it taste bitter.

That's enough for this post. More to come, I think.

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