Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bento 32 and 33

Pink day last week! For breakfast: 2 mini cottage
cheese waffles, 3 little ham croquettes, strawberries
and some sugar free strawberry syrup. In a piggy container too, how cute.

For lunch: a container of couscous, marinated cucumbers, more strawberries, edamame topped with a turkey patty cut into wedges, carrot dots and cheddar tulips. All this food was too much for two meals and I ended up eating some of it for my 2 snacks, too.

For Monday's meals: half a cottage cheese waffle
topped with blueberries, three mini asparagus/ham quiche bites, strawberries and sugar free maple syrup.

For snack time: 2 mini protein donuts and more strawberries. (OK, it is strawberry season and I'm addicted to them.)

For lunch: some chicken breast chunks in a silicone and topped with a red pepper flower. A stack of jicama and cucumber flowers, edamame for filler and a few tiny sandwich chunks made of black rye bread, low fat monteray jack cheese, fat free cream cheese and more red pepper. There is a container of low fat ranch dressing for the chicken and my bottle of bariatric vitamins.

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