Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bento 21

Been busy and still made my bentos but didn't have time to post them. After joining a Flickr group and seeing my bentos all lined up it revealed I eat the same thing all the time. So today I tried something different and it made me sick. Waaaa! Tonight was support group so I am getting to bed too late to make my box for tomorrow, too bad...I am ready to get back to my good old routine. LOL

So here's the Evil Bento. It made me dump at work. (This is something that happens to some gastric bypass patients...not all and not very often for me but NOT FUN!) I thought I was very clever to make little mini sandwiches out of mini soy crisps, fat free cream cheese and PB2 powder. (On Shelly's blog http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/ she made little sandwiches with either little rice crisps or soy crisps so of course I had to try it too.) There was a little container of sugar free grape jam and some red grapes to go with it. Altogether it was yummy but apparently too many sugar grams at once for my system. Looked pretty too, oh well... Also, I used a Tupperware container from my Modular Mates collection since it was listed as 500 ml thinking it'd be so great to have the 'right' size. Too big! LOL I'll stick with the dollar store cuties and then try to get some at Daiso in August when the OH conference comes to Seattle.

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