Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy weekend and Bento 10

Wow...did I ever get a lot accomplished this weekend. Cooking, cooking, cooking and lots of prepping foods too. My freezer stash is organized and inventoried, the pantry is ready for healthier spring eating and lighter fare. I made two more Kinchaku bags this weekend, not very happy with them at the moment. They need a bit more work before a public debut but I'll show three of the ones I made the weekend before. As I work towards perfecting the pattern, it has been a challenge to tailor each bag to match the containers I'll be using with it size- and color-wise.

So from the current stash of frozen or fresh foods here is the first bento of the week, a Laptop Lunchbox that has breakfast, lunch and snack in it. It is a LOT of food for me but I have a suspicion I'll be extra hungry tomorrow so there is extra. The box is sitting on top of the Japanese-style print Kinchaku bag and matching dinner napkin I made for it. You can't tell but the bag actually has three bands of beautiful fabrics. They are leftovers from a small wallhanging I made a few years ago. Glad I hung onto them!

Breakfast: 2 mini cottage cheese waffles, 1 turkey breakfast patty, 2 strawberries and a dipping cup of Estee sugar free maple syrup.

For Lunch: 2 mini black-bean quiches, 2 very mini pita pockets (that I baked!) stuffed with a chicken/fat free cream cheese mixture leftover from last week and cucumbers. Go-withs are edamame, carrots, jicama, grapes and cucumbers. There is a cucumber flower and a jicama bunny who is staring at the carrots for fun. A dip for the veggies is more of last week's yogurt pesto dip.

For afternoon snack...whatever is left from what I couldn't eat for breakfast and lunch plus 2 mini muffins from Shelly again. These are her 24K delish!

If you are interested, this is my new cottage cheese pancake version and I find that it has worked the best of any flour combinations so far. The addition of the coconut flour really helps the batter firm up and holds its shape as well.
Cottage Cheese Pancake/Waffles

1/4 cup nonfat cottage cheese
1/4 cup egg substitute
1 tablespoon oat flour
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1/8 cup Splenda granular
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in small blender container or mini food processor and whiz together until completely smooth and lump free. Batter can be additionally flavoured with cocoa powder, different extracts, dried fruits, nuts or even made savoury by eliminating the Splenda and adding chopped onions, etc. Makes up into 3 pancakes or 1 round waffle or 3 1/2 mini waffles or 6 aebelskiver balls. A very versatile batter.

Here are some of the bags I made last weekend and a picture of one of my helpers this weekend. Our little cat, Misu, wanted to plop down as soon as I had the pattern pinned to the fabric. She is a micro-manager!

Edit: That was waaaay too much food! Couldn't finish it all at work and that made me feel good, I was thinking I'd be eating the whole thing. Gastric Bypass continues to be such a miracle!

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