Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bentos 8a and 8b

These are separate but are for the same work day so they don't get different numbers. Plus I'm including a peek inside one of the new Kinchaku bags I sewed over the weekend. They are all made reversible for fun. I made matching napkins for all of them and even made little table protectors (mini place mats?) for some since where I eat at work the tables aren't always very clean.

Breakfast first: half a cup of 0% Fage yogurt topped with cantaloupe tulips and green grape leaves. Red grapes, blueberries, more cantaloupe and 1/3 cup Kashi Go Lean. Yummy!

Lunch is next: 2 tiny Westphalian Rye 'sandwiches' made with a flower cutter and a fat free cream cheese/chicken mixture inside. In the sealed cup 2 tablespoons of Shelly's Yogurt Pesto dip. Skewers of sauteed firm tofu and lite mozz. sticks, baby carrots and in the silicone cup some marinated cooked broccoli leftovers. For an afternoon snack a little mixed cup of wasabi peas and roasted soynuts. (Oh and the standard Starbucks lite frap. )

Now for the peek: You can see the piece of plastic needlepoint canvas that stiffens the bottom of my bag. Very handy to have it this way so I can remove it for washing separately from the bag. I've found from past sewing experience that they tend to get beat out of shape in the washer. Also, I use my own mini forks and spoons from World Market. They keep my bites tiny so my surgical pouch doesn't get overwhelmed.


Diana said...

Molly..I am so impressed..You would LAUGH if you ever saw my LUNCH..I am usually a sandwich on lite bread and yogurt and sometimes a 100 cal. pack of something and fruit for a snack. I need to be more creative and pick better choices.

Molly said...

Diana, I know you are so busy with your family and job but sometime take the time to put together a pampering lunch for yourself. It feels so great and you deserve the treat once in awhile.