Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bento 9a and 9b

Very boring Bento's compared to other people's on the internet but photographing is a good way to log my food without actually doing it. (lazy?) For breakfast at work today: scrambled Egg Beaters, blueberries and two of Shelly's protein muffins. (recipe link further down blog)

For lunch: a butterfly made of whole-grain/fat free cream cheese/chopped chicken/pesto spirals wrapped in Teriyaki Nori strips. Delicious! Also cauliflower florets, baby carrot strips and an orange mini bell pepper stuffed with Laughing Cow lite garlic swiss cheese and a grape tomato flourish topper. Prettified with some curly lettuce and accompanied by a packet of fat free ranch dressing. Couldn't even eat it cool is that?!

And here's a picture of my Hello Kitty set and the new Kinchaku bag and matching napkin I sewed for it. This new hobby is fun and a great way to use up some of my neglected quilting fabric .

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