Monday, March 16, 2009

Bento #6

This gets me caught up: today's bento! Much better food choices and working on the Kawaii factor too.

Top blue box: 1 slice veggie frittatta, red grapes, 2 of Shelly's mini protein muffins and a Frigo lite mozz. stick made into an Octo dog. With it I ate the other grapes/mozz. chunks on the skewers and was very full!

Bottom pink box for lunch: Morningstar Farms crumbles made into sloppy joe topped with carrot dots and a cucumber flower. Alongside, more cuke slices, grape tomatoes and a mini orange pepper stuffed with one wedge Laughing Cow lite Swiss cheese. In the 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing category': the green container with more cucumbers, mini carrot sticks and a tiny container of Shelly's Pesto yogurt dip. (Which I made with her homemade pesto goooood!)

For my afternoon snack there were 10 almonds, another lite mozz. stick and a Weight Watchers sugar free peanut butter cup. Very filling and very satisfying!

Shelly's muffin recipe:

Shelly's Pesto yogurt dip:

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