Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bento 13

Two boxes for today sort of slapped together quickly because last night was the monthly rose society meeting. Lucky to have some bento stash to choose from in the fridge and freezer.
Breakfast was 2 mini cottage cheese waffles, fresh blueberries, some sugar free blueberry syrup, one mini 24k muffin, 2 small turkey sausage patties, a little cup of red grapes and a strawberry and a few cheddar decorations.

For lunch: grilled portabello parmesan (grilled portabello topped w/homemade marinara, lite provolone and a whiff of lite parmesan), roasted asparagus, edamame, a little silicone of cantaloupe and blueberries and a few cucumber flowers. In a side container some yogurt pesto sauce for the veggies. Only one problem, forgot to pack a little knife. That 'bello was hard to cut with only a tiny fork and spoon. Between the two boxes I had enough for breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. A bit too much food. I need to log this onto to see how the protein count was.

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